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Hello, Friend! This is the new label in my blog and the first entry is about SuckSeed, the movie I just watched.

Title: SuckSeed ห่วยขั้นเทพ
Director: Chayanop Boonprakob
Jirayu La-ongmanee, Natcha Nuanjam, Pashorn Jiratiwat, Thawat Pornrattanaprasert
Genre: Romantic Comedy

SuckSeed is a Thai movie released in March 2011 starring Kao Jirayu La-ongmanee (Ped), Natcha Nuanjam (Earn), Pashorn Jiratiwat (Koong), and Thawat Pornrattanaprasert (Ex). Ped is a book worm and regarded as a looser by his fellows, was first introduced to music by Earn in the Elementary school. He has been in love with the girl since then. Koong is an easy-going boy who always in conflict with his twin, Kay, who quite successful. When Earn left for Bangkok, Ped and Koong remained best friends.

The story then goes on High School where they meet Ex, a basketball player who accidentally chosen as drummer of the band. Earn is there too. They then form a rock band eventually named ‘SuckSeed”. Even though there is a romance between Ped and Earn, the whole story is about friendship of the personnel, especially Ped and Koong who have been best friends since elementary school despite their distinctive personality.

Jirayu acted perfectly as a looser, so did Pashorn and Thawat. The two last names provided many funny scenes due to their foolishness role. The story is not so special. It is the humorous and faithfulness of the characters makes this movie remarkable for me.

SuckSeed is the first Thai movie I watch and I pretty love it. Though the story is predictable, it is really enjoyable and entertaining as a comedy. I kept laughing while watching it.

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  1. wow,,,cool man...i watching trailer this movie, very funny,,,thank U share....

  2. Sure it is... you gotta watch the movie..^^

  3. wow... kayaknya bagus..Pengen nonto..

  4. Aku suka sekali ini.
    Ngakak dari awal sampe akhir @_@

  5. thanks for the article. it helps me to finish my movie review rubric as homework.. hehehehe

  6. Akhirnya, aku udah nonton film ini... Dapat dari teman.Seru yaaa ternyata...

  7. tapi knapa ya filem2 thailand akhir nya mesti gj ya tapi ceritanya seru2 yang belum lihat suck seed rugi


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