Thursday, September 15, 2011


This is the kind of movie I like most, a Mandarin action a.k.a. Kung Fu.       

Title: Shaolin (Xin Shao Lin Si)
Director: Benny Chan
Starring: Andy Lau, Nicolas Tse, Bingbing Fan, Jackie Chan
Genre: Action Drama
It is the epic contains betrayal and redemption.

The story takes time during the warlord era of the early Republican China. The authorities, especially the generals, of a region afforded to expand their power by conquering neighboring land. Hou Jie (Andy Lau) was an arrogant warlord who quite successful in the battlefield. He even killed the enemy who had surrendered in the Shaolin temple.

However, the earth rotates and time changes. So does Hou Jie’s life. His victory reached the end. He was betrayed by his own accomplice, Cao Man (Nicolas Tse). The former general brought his injured daughter to Shaolin temple, the place he used to sneer; to get her cured but nothing could be done. The daughter was killed and his wife (Bingbing Fan) left him angrily, and he lost everything. Life seemed much worse than hell for him.

Wandering desperately, Hou was forced to take refuge to the Shaolin. He decided to wipe away his past life and became a monk. His best friend then was the Shaolin cook (Jackie Chan). As the civil suffered from the new ruler, Hou and the Shaolin master stood against the evil warlord and planned to help them.

Believe or not, this is the kind of movie I like most, a Chinese Martial Art one. I haven’t watched any Andy Lau or Bingbing Fan movies for years. Moreover, I barely watch Jackie Chan play as a supporting role; this is the first time for me. Therefore t is nice to see famous stars work together in a movie.

For those who like an action drama, the movie is very enjoyable to watch. The two hours duration seems not long enough. Well, you may not agree with me but this review is purely based on my impression of it.

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  1. Hai Friend, apa khabar?
    Saya buat postingan baru nich.
    Kalau sempat silahkan mampir di blog saya, yaa…
    Kita bisa berbagi tentang motivasi.
    Selamat menikmati, semoga bermanfaat.

  2. Hai...
    Terima kasih sudah berkunjung :)

  3. Keren! sangat suka sama shaolin.. :)

    btw, gk ada kotak masukin url komentar nih?? gk seru ah..

  4. iya... keren filmnya.. :)
    hehe... ga ngerti saya cara buatnya, masih awam...


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