Wednesday, October 26, 2011

High and Lifted Up

By Mike Krath (retold by Khairatun Hisan)
Reading Comprehension – retelling story
Original version is here.
That was a windy day. It’s so damn windy that when Mrs. Pennington wanted to thank the postman who gave her the letter, the door accidentally closed by the wind. Mrs. Pennington’s little son, Tommy, was seeing the window’s shutter opened and closed. Then he asked her mom if he could go out.

Tommy ran out the door with her mom’s warning to be careful. Outside the house were the leaves of many trees flying every where. The little boy was wondering if he could be a leaf, it would be so amazing flying up there.

Mrs. Pennington stepped out with the jacket in her hand wanting Tommy to wear it. But the son wasn’t there.

Little Tommy was one of the leaves. He was flying with his leaves friends. He met a bright-red maple leaf and blew together.

He asked the leaf, “According to you, where are we going?”

“Is it a matter?” the leaf replied, “Just enjoy it! Life is short.”

“I don’t think so,” the old leaf said. “The journey could be short, but the real beginning is at the end.”

“Where will we end up?”

“If the wind blows you there, you will end up in a city dump.”

Tommy didn’t like this idea.

“But if the wind blows you to another direction, you may fly higher and see every thing that no leaf has seen before.”

The maple said then, “Just follow me to the city dump, almost all my friend’s there.”

Tommy thought about his choice and then decided to keep flying. The wind blew them to the dump. But the old maple didn’t follow. He flew to another direction and yelled, “Hey! Here are spectacular sights. Come here!”

Neither maple leaf nor Tommy saw anything. They ignored the old one. Tommy felt happy when he saw the fence of the dump, thinking that he would meet his friends there.

All of sudden, Tommy’s mom came. She didn’t let her son go to the dump. “You’re not permitted to go there. Can’t you see the smoke?”

Tommy looked at the maple leaf that blown against the wall and couldn’t get over it. Tommy ran to take it but wasn’t able to catch. His mom came to reach it. She then put the leaf in her pocket and told Tommy it would be safe there.

Tommy got back to his car and came in. He looked at the sky from the back window wondering where the old maple leaf had flown. May be some day he would see what the leaf had seen.[]


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