Friday, November 4, 2011

Detective Conan: Challenge to Kudo Shinichi (2011)

Meitantei Conan
Title: Kudo Shinichi e no Chosenjo ( 工藤新一への挑戦状 )
Cast: Mizobata Junpei, Kutsuna Shiori, Jinnai Takanori 

A TV Series about the famous comical detective figure: Kudo Shinichi a.k.a. Edogawa Conan.

The story takes time days before Kudo Shinichi meet strangers in black and become Conan Edogawa. Shinichi is well known as a great detective of Senior High and have already solved countless cases. 

One day, Shinichi, along with Ran and Kogoro, was trapped in a mysterious and sophisticated white room. They are confused until he finds out it is another case he should solve. The criminal, who admit himself as a fan of Shinichi, wants him to recall cases he has solved. He is given clue and date on which the cases happened. To unlock the next room, Shinichi has to input keyword from each case.

The 13 episodes dorama, except the last one, is begun and ended with the white room scene. Following this is the cases related to the date given. After recalling the case, they are able to remember the possible keyword for the locked room. At the end, they find themselves outside the white room and Ran is claimed to be no longer alive. That is the time they meet the real criminal.

The cases include the video chat murder and also the murder in the musician home where Shinichi meets fellow detective Hitori  Heiji for the first time. 

In this dorama Kudo Shinichi is not Oguri Shun. The role is now played by Mizobata Junpei who also played for the previous Detective Conan SP 3. The drama was broadcast from July 7 2011 to September 29 2011 on Japan channel YTV. It’s always amazing to watch the outstanding analysis of Kudo Shinichi. There's one and only truth in every case...



  1. hmm tulisannya versi english ya,, terpaksa buka google translate nih

  2. whee... lagi belajar English nih bang... :)

  3. hmm... detective conan, yeah I like it.
    it has a nice story and I can't believe that, how clever he is :D

  4. yeah... it's unbelievable that he never missed even a single detail... :)

  5. ijin baca n follow n jka suka follow balik blok ane ya...hihi

  6. Aku lebih suka conan versi kartun. SInichi lebih cakep.... :p

    Salam kenal.... salam bloofers... Aku udah follow.... ;)

  7. @qudri: iya... silakan... :)

    @Riksa: kalo kartun emng perfect mbak... :)Salam kenal kembali...

  8. @Ardha & Slas: silakan... piyoh, piyoh, :)

  9. Detective conan, one of my favorite comic :)

  10. lebih suka oguri shun untuk watak shinichi

    1. Oguri udah ga cocok lg jd anak SMA mgkn, hehe


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