Monday, December 19, 2011

My Collage Project

Me and my work ^_^
I just wanna talk about my college assignment. No, no, it's not that boring. For me, this class is the most enjoyable class this semester. The teacher, my friends, and I have done many different activities in the course named Communication Management.
Jonthon, the teacher, has asked us to write an essay about ourselves, to list the things we love and hate, to edit some passage, to make resume and cover letter, to have word strip, and so on. (Sounded like a lot of works, huh?) The (final) assignment I want to share now is something called 'collage' presentation. We had to create poster about ourselves and present it in front of the class. (We did it today, Dec 19  ^_^)

Okay, as I am not creative, it took me a whole week to think about the project. I really had no idea. As I searched in the internet, I found out that 'collage' is actually something I knew as 'kolase', a (Picasa) feature that allows us to combine pictures. Haha, I used to think that 'collage' is something really new for me. I've never thought that 'kolase' was Indonesian for 'collage'.

Eventually, after a week of uncertainty (haha, big LOL), dim light came into my mind. The idea came to me step by step. I imagined to make a plant shape, yet I didn't know what to write. Remember that I have list of loves and hates with me, I tried to refer to it. Alhamdulillah, I then had a full picture of how my collage would be.

For this project, I bought a sheet of black carton, took my old magazines out, and had my beloved father to buy the rest equipment (yellow carton, colored board markers, and glue). Love you so much, Dad! :) As the ingredients were there, it's time to start working.

This was the first thing I did on Saturday (Dec 17)

First step, cut the yellow carton to make border :)
When the messy thing began... (Dec 18, morning-afternoon)

The equipment..
The more scattered, the more serious, :)

Mess is cool, haha..
Some shapes were done...

My name was made of letter-shaped collages of my photos
Not a good idea
How about this?
Sunday, Dec 18 Night session..

A rain lover
A little bit left.. it's midnight already, hoaamm...
Final mess.. (dunno why I like taking the picture of it)
Alhamdulillah, it's finally done. When I looked at my watch, it was 02.39 a.m. Whoaaa... it proved that I am a truly last minute and late night person, hehe.. these are the picture again:

Night session is done..
In the morning, Dec 19, I put some rose petals on it, just to emphasize that I love roses :)

This is it.. Khaira's collage.
It took me all night long to finish this work. However, no matter what the result is, I am always satisfied with the work if I do it with my best ability. Thank Allah, I got the maximum score for this collage presentation. So that I can say, staying up at night to do my assignments is not merely wasting time. Am I right?

Well, I know it's not so good to do things just before the deadline. Just try to do them earlier...


  1. kreatip banget mbak,, tempel2 kertas bekas mennjadi sesuatu yg berharga,,,boleh di contoh nih ide kreatipnya.
    maaf nih mbak lama gak muncul disini,, sibuk dgn pekerjaan offline

  2. kerjaan yg paling butuh kesabaran.., klo gk bs & emank dah dr sonox cewek suka menggunting, menempel & merangkai soalx cewek bawaanx sabar.., *smile

  3. @Al Kahfi: whehe... ini pun karena ada tugas mas, kalo ga mana muncul ide beginian. Silakan di contoh..:)

    @Rohis Facebook: butuh kesabaran n kreativitas (yg saya ga bakat) *grin

  4. @Khaira: Menarik sekali, kolase anda! Sebenarnya saya memang bangga ketika anda memperlihatkan kolase ini kepada kelasnya, karena ini contoh lebih baik daripada contoh saya! Walaupun saya sedikit iri pada kolase anda, pertama kali saya merangkai kolase "Brand You," hasilnya agak beda. Silakan lihat:

    Khaira, boleh saya bagi link untuk post ini kepada atasan saya di Jakarta? =)

  5. @Jonthon: Hi Jonthon! Thanks for allow me to explore my 'creativity'. It's been long since I played with paper and glue for the last time (I was in Senior High at that time).

    Well, I feel honored if you do so =)

  6. bagus ya....bagi yg masih sekolah atu kuliah sangat cocok dipajang di Mading

  7. yang ini sudah ditipek di bintis :)

    makasih sudah berkunjung..

  8. Awesome..
    keren mbak..:)
    salam kenal..

    1. whehe...
      makasih ya..
      salam kenal juga :)

  9. "waw waw waw"...
    As I am not a good writer. I don't know how to express the feeling of this awesome creation. hahahaha...

    1. whehe.. i just can say, "thanks" :)


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