Friday, February 24, 2012

On Next Sunday (2009)

Title: On Next Sunday (Kondo No Nichiyobi Ni)
Director: Satoshi Kenmochi
Cast: Somegoro Ichikawa, Younha, Jin-woo Yang

I’ve just finished watching this movie at 01.20 am tonight. It’s just another great movie for me. Therefore I will tell you the story right away. 

There was Choi Sora (Younha), a Korean girl who in love with a guy named Hyung Jun (Jin-woo Yang). Sora was a school girl while Jun currently studied filmmaking at university in Japan. In order to keep in touch, So-ra and Jun regularly sent each other video letters. When Sora graduated from school, she planned to leave for Japan to study filmmaking just like Jun.

Sora sent a video telling Jun her departure. Unfortunately, their time didn’t match. When Sora arrived in Japan, Jun had already been in Seoul. For some reasons Jun avoided meeting her. As he came back to Japan for a farewell party, he said to Sora that watching her videos just broke his heart.

The girl was left heartbroken. Nevertheless, she decided to live on her live as well as do the first assignment of her class: filming Your Interest. She needed to find other person to be in the film, which was actually prepared for Jun. 

While was at the toilet, Sora saw a janitor fixed the broken lamp. When she ordered pizza, the one who delivered it was the same man. At the time she went for a walk in the morning, a newsletter man ran into a jogger. The man was still the same: Mr. Matsumoto (Ichikawa). From this point Sora began to be interested in filming him, the man with three jobs.

The story has been much interesting from this part, revealing the life of Matsumoto and how he lives it with a full spirit. I even shed a tear when it’s about to end. So then, I just suggest that you watch it if you didn’t. 

“If you try hard, the future is waiting for you,” said Matsumoto-san.


  1. Seru nih kayaknya..... jadi pingin nonton...berapa episode ini??

    banyak ya review khaira....biasa donlot atau nonton online khaira?

    1. Download Juz... Yg ini film, jd cm satu aja.

      Iya, seru emang.. Slice of life, bukan full romance


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