Thursday, July 26, 2012

Risou no Musuko [2012] Mama's Boy Koala Punch!!!

Title: 理想の息子 (Perfect Son)
Genre: Family, Comedy
Casts: Yamada Ryosuke (Hey! Say! JUMP), Suzuki Kyoka , Fujigaya Taisuke (Kis-My-Ft2), Nakajima Yuto (Hey! Say! JUMP)
Aired: Jan 14, 2012 to Mar 17, 2012
Episode: 10

The story revolves around a relationship between 16 year old boy Suzuki Daichi (Yamada) with his kaa-chan Suzuki Umi (Suzuki). The mother has worked hard to raise Daichi by herself. She did that with the hope that one day her son will buy her a house. She even tells some lies to manipulate her son. I return, Daichi grows up to become a very obedient son who loves his mother very much. So much to the extent that he can't sleep without his mother being next to him. To Daichi, his kaa-chan is the most important person in the world. His character is described as having a mother complex.

In order to please his mother, Daichi studies hard to achieve top result at his prestigious Meifu High school. He also works hard on preparing for entrance examination of the favorite university. He even has a head band which he uses when studying with "build a house" written on it. However, when the mother starts working at the canteen of a school known by its delinquent students, he immediately drops out of his prep school and enroll to the said Sea King public high school with the aim of protecting his beloved kaa-chan.

Sea King is a school with bad reputation. The students are baka and interested in nothing but fights. However, the students' leader is a third year senpai who passionately works to achieve his dream as a professional boxer, Mifune Kengo (Fujigaya). There is also a classmate who totally unfit with the school environment, not to say a coward. He is Kobayashi Kouji (Nakajima), a son of the well-known Marukoba corporation who goes there because his mama wants him to be charismatic. In fact, Kouji is a pathetic who loves his scary mama so much.  Here in Sea King, Daichi develops some friendship with the notorious gangster students. Beginning from Kouji who has 'mama's boy' image just like him and Kengo as reliable senpai.

This drama is a comedy. Therefore the scenes are rather funny.  Each student has their own animal image. Daichi with his Koala punch, Kouji with hamster, Kengo is a bear, and even the kaa-chan is Kangaroo. Each animal comes out when they show their power. It makes Sea King looks like a zoo with the animal-like power students.

Ah, here are some pictures from the drama:

Suzuki Daichi
Suzuki Umi
Mifune Kengo
Kobayashi Kouji
Well, I love this drama. It's obvious that I won't post the review if I don't enjoy watching it, ne? :)
You can watch the drama here. Enjoy!

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