Friday, August 10, 2012

Aceh から さくら

I went to my High School, Oemar Diyan, two days ago and was amazed by a barely-noticed this beautiful tree:

When I was a student of the school, this beautiful tree was just a tiny green-leaved tree. It's unattractive at all with just few pink leaves at the bud of each stem. Just look how it is now..

Speaking of which, maybe I'm exaggerating things? Perhaps this tree just seems beautiful in my eyes because I haven't seen it for long? Maybe it isn't good at all? However, that was what I thought. When we look back to what we've left behind, sometimes it grows better than we had expected. Therefore, it's better to turn back sometimes and see what time has created behind us...

Happy fasting!


  1. heheh :D keren abies,.!! ne kag,!! heheh :D saleum Kenal ea ??: Blog Walking.! Kag Follow Back Ea!!,. Semngat Terus Blogging ea Kag,>!

    1. salam kenal juga... udah di-follow back ya... :)


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