Friday, October 12, 2012

Another Collage Project

Just like the title of the post, this time it wasn't mine but my students': the second year of Oemar Diyan Middle School. Hehe, OK, more precisely, I had them do the project XD. Cause back then they were having a long break when Ramadhan, so I felt responsible to make them not forget to study :)

About a week prior to the said holiday, I brought mine as an example for them. It contained loves, hates, and is. Later on I found out that most of my students used this theme.

Just like my teacher, Jonthon, asked each of us to present our collage, I also had my students do it when they came back to school. Now I'm gonna post the pics... they sure are creative...

Muslima Ceudah
Aida Fatihatul M.
Nabila Ulamy

M. Naufal
Muslihan Rizki
There are some more... :)


  1. This is amazing, Khaira! I am so happy to see this seed of an idea blossom into a great class project. I am also impressed that you managed to extend your learning beyond the limits of your class time, and have developed enough rapport with students that they wanted to make these as great as the pictures make clear that they are. Hebat sekali!

    1. they had about 45 days of holiday so it should be useful.. :)
      and thanks to you for the idea! I still have mine in my room.


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