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37 sai de Isha ni Natta Boku (2012) ~ Becoming a Doctor at Age 37

Title: 37歳で医者になった僕〜研修医純情物語〜 (37-sai de Isha ni Natta Boku ~Kenshui Junjo Monogatari~)
Producer: Kimura Jun
Genre: Medical, human drama
Episode: 11
Casts: Kusanagi Tsuyoshi (SMAP), Mizukawa Asami, Yaotome Hikaru (Hey! Say! JUMP), Kiriyama Ren.
 In life's starting line, there's this thing called appropriate age. We often hear that age is not an issue, but frankly, that's just glossing over the truth. Therefore, if you want to try doing something new at a new workplace, it decidedly better to be young.
I don't write a review unless I like the drama. So this is a story a bout a 37 year-old salary man who drops off from a company and decides to become a doctor. He becomes the eldest resident in the hospital, even older than his medical supervisor. Together with him are fellow residents Sawamura Mizuki, Shimoda Kentaro, and Taniguchi Atsushi.

On the first day of residency, Konno sensei is the first one who come to the hospital. Soon after that arrive Sawamura, Shimoda, and Taniguchi. Seeing Konno, they don't feel at ease because they come latter than the man whom they think is their medical supervisor. The fellow residents can help but to be surprised to know that they have a 37-year old comrade.

The four doctors-to-be do their residency in Tuou Medical University Hospital. Just like the name, this hospital is belong to a medical school which means that besides their role to treat patients, the doctors there also do research to further development of medical science. However, the priority seems out of its line. Rather than doing their utmost to help patients, the doctors just see them as the sources of research. 

The hospital itself then play a role that belongs to commercial company, to gain profit as much as possible. The system is to transfer incurable patients to hospice so that there will always be room from new patients. In fact, the doctor haven't done all possible treatment. This system is run from the head of department, the professor of the university. The doctors doesn't examine the patients throughly which result in undetected symptom. There's also misdiagnosed which result in the death of patient. The professor even does a fatal medical wrongdoing.

However, the new-coming Konno sensei opposes this system. He step by step does all he could to interact with patients and to get their trust. He even distributes his business card. When told that he can't change the system, he says that he becomes a doctor to change himself.

At first, the three other residents were not sure about what the idealistic Konno sensei did. His action can led him to be expelled from the hospital. However, bit by bit his fellow begin to understand his idealism and they get courage from him to be a good doctor. Doctors who dedicate themselves to cure patients, not to get as much money to come into their wallet.

This drama is the first one I have watched about the daily life of a hospital. Each episode presents a case of different disease and the techniques the residents use to deal with patients and doctors. It is a very good and inspiring story. I think watching this drama will be useful for those doing residency or for a medical student.

As for actors, I've only watched Yaotome Hikaru's drama before and he does a good job here just like in other dramas. The other actors and actress are also good. I don't really understand about acting though. But I sure know if I like their acting or not.

Here is a brief description about the residents:
Konno Sensei
Konno Yuta (Kusanagi Tsuyoshi) is a former employee of Teikou Foods, a major food manufacturer company. He quit his job at age past 30 and enrolled in a medical school. Finally become a resident in Touo Medical University Hospital at age 37. Since the very first day he came to the hospital he has been caught into attention due to his age, and then, due to his idealism. Somehow he carries out his idea he used to deal with when he was a businessman.

Sawamura Sensei
Sawamura Mizuki (Mizukawa Asami) is a smart doctor-to-be graduated from Teito University. She is a straight forward woman who always says what she think frankly. She becomes a doctor because she had lost her mother when she was young due to the late-treatment for her cancer. She once said that it's the patients' lost when they put their decision in the hands of doctors. As time goes by she becomes more considerate toward others.

Shimoda Sensei
The other one is Shimoda Kentaro (Yaotome Hikaru) who aspired to be a doctor after watching a medical drama. The reason he decided to be one is simply because he wants to help others. He wonders if that reason is enough for him. He is ensured that's good enough and he just needs to find his role to help people.

Taniguchi Sensei
The last one is Taniguchi Atsushi (Kiriyama Ren). His father is a doctor who expect his son to follow his step. In other word, Taniguchi has no choice but to be a doctor. Even so he has no confidence in himself. He envies Konno because he can do anything he wants in his life. In the end he enjoy his doctor life.

Yiaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh.... it such a long entry. I've never post this long before when it's a review. So, I hope this entry will be useful for you and you'll give me a feedback about it. Just drop a comment below it! ^_^

P.S.: If you're curious about this drama, you can watch it here.


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