Sunday, May 26, 2013

11:57 PM

11:57 PM, midnight, lying on my stomach staring at my laptop. A little better than continuously checking my phone notification just to find nothing, perhaps..

This Saturday was just like Sunday. I did nothing. Well, coughing, eating, taking med, getting headache - you can't really call them activity, right? Spending time doing those stuffs can silently kill you! Maybe this one - writing a new yet unnecessary entry for this blog- can finally be said an activity. But still, it's Sunday already!

Typing this while waiting for something which probably won't come. I get used to it. So it's not a big deal anymore. (Yet why am I still waiting?)

I do want to write something that's going on my mind right now. The thing that will possibly tell a little bit about 'the me' now. However, I guess I won't type it tonight. I'm sure a girl who really loves to do that, I mean backing off at the last minute. I've re-decided my 'already decided decisions' for so many times in my life already. 

Then, what's the point of this post? I don't know. Just feel like writing something that can be stored. You readers may find this meaningless but it does mean something for me.

Just ignore this post.

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