Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Oemar Diyan: Yudisium Santri Akhir 2013 (and 2008 :))

I write it down for I may forget this happening one day, in the future... 

So, I went there on Sunday, 12 2013. My first time ever attending high school graduation ceremony after my own five years ago. Yup, five years. Back then those graduating kids were only chibi first-graders coming to watch our ceremony. Hmm..  Time sure flows... suddenly I was feeling so old. -_-

I always wanted to come to this kinds of events. I mean, every event held annually in my high school. I texted my friend, Maida, in the morning asking if she would come as her brother is one of those graduating. She said yes. Then me too, I decided to come. I used to feel uneasy in public place, that's why I would ask one of my acquaintance to come along. At least, there'd be someone I know who would wanna talk to me. Hoho, poor me :P

Arriving late, I walked alone to the hall. There were a few my under-classmates (if I may say so, for I don't even know their name  @_@) greeting me, shaking my hand, and even giving me a box of snacks. It calmed me down a bit. Then I headed to the audience's seat. Meeting my fellow teachers(?) there. They were coming together with their little ones^^.

As I sat in the back row, I didn't manage to take many good pics. In fact, there wasn't any good pics because I just used my 5mp phone camera, not some professional camera-whatsoever. This is the clearest one taken:

Taken by Kak Nafisah Hanim. There's no way I could reach up that high
I got there when the student's representative delivered his graduation speech. Soon after that the parent's turn followed by the head of the boarding school, and then the graduates each got a chance to come on stage to get their diplomas.

See, this post is lacking from the proofs. So, for those having the pics of this years' yudisium, if you'd kindly share it to me so I can upload it here... ^_^ anybody? Just drop a comment below this post.

That's all about yudisium 2013. Now I'm gonna spam this post with the pics from yudisium 2008. Yup, my own! *grinning happily*

We held a farewell (ceremony?) the night before the D day


Crying faces

Soshite, the D day:

Toki ga nagarete, keshiki ga kawaru otona ni naru mae ni
koko ni iru akashi, boku to kizande yukou...

Nostalgic! ^_^

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