Thursday, May 9, 2013


From tomorrow it's Sun, Mon, Tues again
See! Wed, Thurs, will turn to Fri, Sat, sun
Let's treasure the days of our dreams a bit more
We're enjoying living out of our days, so let's go!

Our days always starts with Mon, the weekend we yearn for is far away
We seem to have gotten used to Tues and Wed
Has the fake smile taken over?

Before you realize, it's Thurs which is pretty important
Because the plans for tomorrow night aren't set yet
Thinking all day Fri, let's break the walls freely

Surviving the days with murky hearts, we pass by
If we give up on our walking hearts, we'll have lost
So let's take it easy

This is a pattern that can't be helped
With so much to do, my heart is defeated
Four hours of sleep a night, pumping in this physical strength

What is being an adult all about?
Put on a good appearance, what will we look like when we're 35?
Will we be attractive adults?

Surviving the days with murky hearts, we pass by
Slowly is fine, don't give up
Someday, this drop of water will finally hit its mark

Everyday is the same with no place for our feeling to go
Spinning around and around hectically
Not discouraged from swimming through each day, laugh bit more!

(English Translation of Weeeek by NEWS)
I love it! ;)

Listen here:

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