Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Intensive Masuk Kampus 2013 @APlus Creative Learning Center

Doumo... Khaira desu :)

So, this is a very late report. I was supposed to post it at least a week after the inauguration (I know that's also late) but I just didn't. For some reason, this ought-to-be-posted entry has long been stored in my draft box until it is finally released. Well, enough with the chit-chat, let's just go to the main thing...

Warning: pics spam (don't wanna write much, let the pics tell the story) *lazyme* It's my blog. So there must be some of my pics in it *cough*

It started on April 28, 2013...
First try out
Walking across the yard of SMPN 6 #watchyoursteps
Do your best!

Teaching-learning activities...

It ended on June 2, 2013 @ Aula Asrama Haji Banda Aceh

Students going on stage to leave their mark on a banner. They're free to write down anything.

Some tutors (including me) were responsible for distributing snacks and notebooks

The MCs...

It is a must, recitation of Holy Quran by the student..

The Best Class
105 - Kak Rika
 The Coolest Class
114 - Yus (no student was present)

The Too ... Class
302 - Me

102(?)- Kak Rina
 The ... Class
312 - Jannah
The Best Student is...
T. Abdi - 105
Favorite tutors
Muhammad Ishak
Zikria Hanum

Izzan Nur Aslam
TPA (Academic Potent Test, eh?):
Wanda Saputra
Social Science:
Rizki Muammar
Andi Mustari
Rika Sri Utami
Resa Syafitri

Performance from "The Kodrats"

The agenda was ended by "hand-shaking(?)"

Owarideshita! Nanka... sabishii desu. So it has ended. This first year's classes were wonderful. As it was for me personally, I've had so much fun both in the class and elsewhere around the place and I believe the same feeling goes for all other tutors. The first generation students of Aplus were all the best. Well then, good luck for all of you in SBMPTN and in your future life! Always do the best in every step, pray, and believe, God will do the rest.^^

Khairatun Hisan

Time flies, scenery changes
Before becoming adults,
Let's create a proof that we exist here now...

(Dreamer - Hey!Say! JUMP)

Note: photos are hot-linked without permission from Aplus Foundation


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