Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Flower of the Day: What's Its Name?

Photos time!
Pinkish Purple
These are the flowers of the day. I was caught by their beauty when I arrived home this afternoon. The flowers have always been there but I've never paid a close attention to them. However, I know by now that these flowers will present full blossom on sunny days when it's only little rain in weeks. 
(Summertime, maybe? :P)

Beautiful, isn't it?
Can anyone tell me what the name is? Either English or Indonesian is fine. You can also tell me what it's called in your language because I only know the name in my native language! LOL

Well, scroll down for the pic spam! :)

What do you think?


  1. dear Friend. Consider every moment
    like a beautiful flower,
    then every day will be like a beautiful bouquet, I wish you a beautiful Wednesday, Dieter

    1. Thank you, though it's Friday already :D

  2. nice, i've also found another colour of this flower. yellow and orange. unfortunately, i dont know the name. lol

    1. yup, I know that one too. but that more of a vine type, right? ^^

  3. tak tahu nama bunga ni..heeeeee


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