Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Ramadhan Story (Day 5): #FLPMengguncangRamadhan

So, it is a must do project and I still get no idea what to write. I have intended to publish The Ramadhan Story series since the first day but for some reasons, I just haven’t. That’s it, I’ll just give it another try. Bismillah…

Let’s recall what happened on day one. It was a nice morning after the pouring rain. I somehow got excited for the first day of fasting and for having a day off. Early after the sunrise –well not that early, at around 7.30 am- I decided to do some useful things around my house. It’s shameful to admit but, I rarely do outdoor cleaning lately, be it sweeping the falling leaves, cutting off the weeds, or even watering the flower plants. Therefore, that day I took out a small bench and looked for the trash bin. Then I headed to the entrance way to my house and begin weeding it. The activity lasted for about two hours and half. I stopped when the sunshine was finally hard to deal with. It’s halfway done and I still don’t know when I’ll get to finish my work there. This is how the entrance way to my house looks like:

This is my house:

And this is the menu for breakfasting that day, traditional cake called ‘eungkhui’ (gonna post about it later):

Overall, it’s not really special, eh? Then I’ll just skip the other three days and move onto the fifth day: today.

My mom woke me up with only about 20 minutes left before imsak. There’s not much time to waste. I rushed into the toilet and did some gargling. With the rice already on the plate (thanks mom), all I needed was just to add some side dishes and eat. I am a fast eater because I don’t chew that much. I know that’s not good but sometimes helpful. Just like this dawn, I finished my meal in no time thanks to my speed-eating habit.

For four consecutive days since day two, I always rode my motorcycle to Banda Aceh in the morning and got back in the afternoon. The distance is approximately twenty-something kilometers and takes about thirty minutes in time. Today I arrived in APlus office at ten fifteen. There was a meeting held at 10.30 and ended at 02.00 pm, quite tiring.

Well then, here I am now, at FLP base-camp, writing this random post on my laptop to be published after Ashar, later. We’re gonna have breakfasting together this afternoon and I honestly feel uneasy for popping up out of nowhere, suddenly. I mean, I haven’t participated in any agenda ever since the last days of December last year and to come at eat-together-based event is just something. However, I do hope to able to take part in some other happenings in the future. Amin.

Ahh… it’s getting weirder… gotta end it soon. I’m sorry it’s a fail post… -_-


  1. eungkhui itu kan bukan tuk dibilang2, bukan tuk dipamer2 fotonya, tapi tuk dibagi2 gimana rasanya tau :p

    1. Ntar ya kita buat trus jual.. tunggu kak Sri balek dulu :P

  2. ckkkk.... good english writter, I would like to be ur student Khaira...

    1. Whee... not at all, Laras.
      Thanks anyway! ^^

  3. Ya ampun kak. bahasa Inggris.. -__-


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