Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Ramadhan Story (Day 7): Chilly Morning

The highlight of today's story is riding motorbike on the windy day.
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For sahur this morning, I completed my meal by a glass of milk which turned out to be a little bit sour. The seal has been open since days ago and I put it the refrigerator. However, the taste changed somehow, perhaps it has reached maximum time. As a result, I got stomach ache that leaded me to sleep again after Subuh.

I have almost every day's schedule to teach at Aplus Foundation. So was today. Early in the morning my mom came into my room, woke me up asking if I got to go to Banda Aceh today. Being half asleep I gave her a yes without further explanation. Sometimes later, when the sun has lighted up the world and the rain was pouring down, it's my brother's turn to come into the room and woke me up asking the same question. I'm not sure what my answer was but I got up, opened the window, then kept on sleeping. Last, when it's about 8 in the morning, my dad came, again waking me up asking the same question. That time I managed to be more conscious and told him I had to teach at 10. I continued rolling under the blanket...

Just when it was about 9 am did I succeeded forcing myself out of the bed. Drizzle was still out there and the temperature dropped. I did some stuffs such as walking aimlessly in the house, opening the door, etc in order to keep my eyes wide open. When I fully regained my consciousness, I realized that I had less than one hour before I should be in the classroom. The journey to Banda Aceh takes about 30 minutes from Indrapuri. It means, that time I only had some minutes to prepare and it should be enough. However, the problem was the windy and rainy weather out there.

With about 40 minutes left before the bell rang, I rode my motorbike after putting on the rain coat as the drizzle didn't give any signal that it would stop. Nothing came in my way for few minutes. It seemed like I would be there on time but I was wrong. It's my habit to ride in high speed (if you can call 80-100 km/h is high speed) so I won't get late but the wind was blowing strongly today and the road was slippery due to the rain. I had to slow down. Even when I reached the area withing the paddy field, I felt like me and my motorbike was swayed away by the wind that I had to be more careful or I would hit other vehicles. In fact, i felt like the wind was blowing me up... For someone with a skinny body like me, it sure is a very difficult thing to ride in the windy day. I totally frightened then, I pray non-stop that I would reach my destination without hitting sideways or other thing. Alhamdulillah, I managed to arrive there save...

It's chilly in the AC-ed room so I entered with my jacket on. Having finished teaching, I canceled my plan to meet my thesis supervisor and rode back home while the weather was being nicer. The weather then continued to be chilly all day...

Maybe I gotta gain weight soon or I'll end up flying in the wind someday.

That's it. Till next post!

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