Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Unusual Question

“EEEH???” Yuki jolted in surprise when she fully understood the short message shown in her hand phone. She then covered her mouth with her palm, realizing she had just shouted out loud. ‘Geez, Shota, you just give me a heart attack.’
She immediately dialed the number, “I need to talk to you right now,” without waiting for the reply she ended the call. Leaving someone there no choice but to obey her saying.
“Why all of a sudden?” the girl questioned as a guy appeared before her eyes. Not even giving him a proper welcome.
Shota found himself a nice seat before replying. “I’ve known you for such a long time. So it’s not sudden,” he said calmly.

“That’s the case,” Yuki answered impatiently, she chose to sit in front of him, “We’ve been best friend for years and I know your every secret, or so I think but,” she paused again, gasping for air as she put her thought –and maybe feeling- into one long sentence, “why?”
Shota just looked at her without reaction. Putting on his favorite unreadable expression, as always.
“Why me?” Yuki demanded the answer.
Shota let out a sigh, “Do I need a reason?”
“But still, you owe me the explanation.”
“It’s been years, Yuki. For some past years and will still be in upcoming years. It’s not that suddenly.”
“Then, all this time? Oh come on, give me a break,” Yuki retorted, absolutely clueless. The information came from Shota was too much for her to comprehend. “I feel like an idiot,” said the girl toneless.
“That’s not your fault,” the guy replied, “I just haven’t got any nerve to let you know.”
Silence.  Minutes passed with no one said anything. Yuki was looking down as she intertwined her fingers. Something she always did whenever feeling uneasy. Meanwhile, Shota paid a close attention to the confused face in front of him.Trying to guess what was on her mind.
“So,” Shota finally broke the ice around them. Their conversation had never been this awkward. “Will I get my answer?”
Yuki turned to face the guy in disbelief, “What the hell with that question? Won’t you even let me breathe?” she snapped.
Shota laughed at his friend’s answer. Yuki’s irritated face always triggered his laughter.  The girl wasn’t always like that though. He understood that his unusual question had put her in a shock. Shota patted her head. “Take your time, Yuki. Sorry for causing you trouble. Just let me know when you find the right answer," he ruffled her hair, "well then, I’ll take my leave. See you!”
The guy stood up and waved goodbye smilingly. Yuki stared blankly at the figure of her best friend walking away. She then re-read the message thread in the hand phone. ‘What about now? Will he still great me with that cheerful smile if I happen to choose the wrong answer?'

“Mind going out with me?” ~Shota
“Where to?” ~Me
“Please read my message, once again...” ~Shota


Finally, after such a long time I manage to write again! *throw confetti* It's just a short one though. Hopefully this is just a warming-up and there'll be many more soon (If the laziness doesn't get over me, again, lol).
So, how is it?


  1. "I don't mind as long as you treat me, and ride me back home safe." - Yuki.

    Haha :D

  2. Going out? as friend? as ...? ^^~
    i'd love to..haha...
    i dreamed about it Ra...hehe...
    good story..good work.. nice ~~
    you should send some to some publisher...

    1. YOU dreamed about it, Fi? Who's the guy? Do I know him?
      Tell me..tell me.. Haha


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