Saturday, August 17, 2013

August 17 Carnival in Indrapuri (Celebrating the 68th Independence Day of Indonesia)

Happy 68th Independence Day, Indonesia!

The sun was shining so brightly and the wind didn't seem to blow. Thus, the day became so hot that it felt burning inside. However, the schools' students as well as civil servants and other participants were standing still under the open sky. Attending the flag ceremony to celebrate the Independence day.

As for me, I was just a humble audience so I found my self a little shade. It was the roof side of a little hut lied in the edge of the field. My intention was to watch the marching band performance followed by the carnival afterwards (and to capture some interesting costumes!).

Enough with the intro. The point of this post is to share some photos from the (cosplay) carnival. Photos aren't as good as usual because I resize them up to 670 px when the usual ones were about 2000 something. The benefit I get is that uploading become so fast this time! lol. So here we go!
Marching Band performance, taken from far away
The carnival starts, the band leads the way
Raising  the flag is their responsibility
Elementary school kids with their 'night-keeper' outfits
While the girls like to dress up with ethnic dress
Hey, look at here!
Little grooms and their brides
Other brides with no groom
Qasidah singer
Make a way, we're going to pray
Even Upin and Ipin come!
Higher level groom and bride
We are the well behave high-schooler!
Next were some competitions. But the most awaited one is this:

Palm tree with the presents
Climbing the palm tree? Yes! but it's not ordinary palm tree. The tree has been lubricated by some vehicle-lubricating liquid. So, climbing it to reach the present on the summit is not the easy thing.

Well, that's all. Thank you.

Wait, this is the bonus photo:

Me and my sista posing under the open sky of August 17, 2013 at around 12.00 am.
See you...


  1. Great to see like those performance. Not really like in my village, no flag ceremony, no flag raised on. Btw, glad to be here to learn the English language.

    1. Btw, where are you living now ? If I am not mistaken, by looking at the culture, fashion, and its environment around, you may live in Sulawesi, the place where Mr. Yusuf Kalla was born. (he3x)

    2. You are mistaken, hehe. In fact you may know it by looking at the tag 'Aceh' :)
      Indrapuri is a sub-district in Aceh Besar regency.
      Where are you?

    3. I am from Bojonegoro, East Java. Have you ever been here, in Bojonegoro, I mean ?

    4. Never, I guess. I've only been to East Java once, a school trip to Gontor in 2007.


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