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Assalamu'alaikum... How's life these days? Is it getting better, or worse? For me, either way is okay.

Nah... Today I want to write a little report about Apel Tahunan (how do I translate it... Annual Ceremony?) of Oemar Diyan year 2013. Oemar Diyan is an Islamic boarding school that provides education for secondary-school level. It was my high school, the school I'm teaching at now, and the school my little sister is going to. So I went there as an alumni, a teacher, or a student's relative? Just name it! :D

Apel Tahunan is...

It is basically an annual ceremony that marks the official beginning of academic year. It should have been held earlier since the new academic year began in July. It used to be the final event that ended the students' orientation weeks. However, Ramadhan came after two weeks of schooling and the students got back to their homes so it was impossible to hold such ceremony without any preparation. That's why it was held today, September 15, 2013.

It wasn't a sunny morning as the sun got buried under the cloud. There wasn't any signs of rain either. It was a perfect weather to hold such field ceremony. The event was scheduled to begin at 08.30 in the morning (as I read in the invitation letter) but I got myself in shape after 9 so I, along with my mother and brother was hurriedly riding motorbike. When we reached the gate, its keeper gave us such coupons for snack. Then we proceeded to the impromptu parking lot while the hymn was being sung. 

These are the parking lot. Well, both are the basketball and soccer field originally...

Heading to the field, I caught a glimpse of this unique jack fruits coming out near the ground:

Back to the event. After hymning was the time for representative of Tgk. Chiek Oemar Diyan Foundation to deliver his speech. Afterward was the inspector of ceremony's turn (who was supposed to be the Governor but he couldn't attend). The academic year then officially begun by releasing doves to the air:

I was strolling along the display stalls at that time and found these thing:


Science world

People, eh?

After the prayer being said, the ceremony was officially ended and in fact, the following agenda was somehow attracted all audiences to come closer and pay good notice to the field. It was time for the students' performance. (warning: bad angle/quality pics from now on, will upload the better when I have ones)

begun with the parade

next was drum band

followed by Marawis (I really don't know how to name it in English) performed by the soldiers of Batalyon Zeni Tempur (Yon Zipur) Indrapuri

students performing Rapa'i (Acehnese traditional dance):



PRAMUKA (scout movement)

Theater by TRISUD, portraying daily life scenes sending a message of "no matter how busy you are, never forget to pray"

 lastly, Silat Tapak Suci by PERSIUD

can you see the rider riding over a lying person?
The crowds then dismissed. We did too, gathering with other family and having lunch on a small hill nearby. Ah, this is the last pic: legendary bell :D

Till next time! Salam...


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