Monday, September 23, 2013

PKA 6 (Aceh Culture Festival) #1

Finally... I came to the festival on Saturday but, what with the #1? Because you may expect me to publish another post as I intend to visit again and take more pics! :)
Ah, it is located in Taman Sulthanah Shafiatuddin.

The gate of Taman Sulthanah Shafiatuddin where PKA 6 is held.
 The park is about 2 or 3 Km away from my friend's residence. Therefore we decided not to ride our motorbike and take Labi-labi (kind of public transportation found in Aceh) instead. We got down past the traffic light and headed to the exhibition area, waiting for the sun to set so it wouldn't shower us with its brightly sunshine.

The exhibition's entrance
Not many things interest me in the exhibition. We then proceeded to the main arena right away. However, as any other festivals, PKA is also flooded by street vendors selling such things ranging from sweets, food, clothes, toys, pets (?) and many other uncountable things. In fact, the street leading to the PKA arena is loaded by these things:

More clothes
Colorful chicks
How can it be?
Somehow I feel sorry for them
The first traditional house we're in belongs to Aceh Besar, the district I live in. We found this traditional kitchen:

dish shelf
traditional hearth, stove, and kitchenware
traditional loom
Next to it is Aceh Selatan (South Aceh) house with these wonderful things:

colorful decoration of the fence
wedding stage and the couple
ancient clothes made of tree bark
there is sandals too
traditional kitchen
nutmeg, the icon of Aceh Selatan
wall ornament made of wood

miniature of traditional boats

Then we walked pass some stands including this one:

Majelis Adat Aceh
The next house we came into is Sabang, the outermost island in western Indonesia.

0 kilometer
as expected from an island
I want a living room like this in my future home :P
decorated bowl for fruit
made of coconut tree
these are too, from the wood
plate made of rattan, I guess
I remember learning about the decorated coconut tree product in my Business Management class and they are indeed Sabang's excellent product.

Well, those are pictures we were able to take before the cellphone went off due to the low-batt. That's why I really wish to come again and take many more pictures! ^^
Having finished wandering around, we headed to the nearest Masjid (Masjid Al Makmur aka masjid Oman) as Magrib time came. We continued walking on foot afterwards, dropping by the food stall to have dinner and reached home at 9 PM.

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