Sunday, October 13, 2013

Flower of the Day: The Long-Awaited Blossoms

I'm sure all of you have ever seen that beautiful flower before, haven't you? Are you fascinated by its color? I am. Cause I love red ^^

The thing is, I bought this flower plant about a year ago, no, a year and half or more I think. I'm not quite sure. The plant hadn't ever bloomed until last month when my mother noticed a stem thicker that its long leaves came out of the soil. Finally... This bloody red flower showed up after such long time of waiting. In fact, I once wanted to throw it away about half year ago and fortunately I didn't. Therefore I decided to take pictures of its blossoming progress.

Here they are:


We have other plants similar to this one in the yard with orange flower smaller than the red and guess what, this very plant blooms once in a blue moon! It takes years to see them blossoming. I wonder, is it the nature of this kind of flowers to bloom once in a lifetime?


  1. Pretty! It's so so soooo bright red! :D
    I miss reading your blog..haih, asrama,asrama....

    1. Thank you, I miss reading yours too^^

      How's asrama? :D
      Salam Idul Adha


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