Thursday, October 24, 2013

How To Treat Our Anger

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Speaking of anger, it is one of the most destructive emotions ever be. So, how should we treat it?
I'm not gonna talk about psychological matter, I'd rather come into practical ones.

Some people may break things around them, some other may even do self-harm. However, there are some positive ways to handle our negative emotion.

1. Take wudhu. Water can help you clean up your mind. Istighfar.
2. Take a deep breath. Breathe slowly, enjoy the air you inhale.
3. Change your position as the Prophet said: wake up if you're lying, stand up if you're sitting, sit if you're standing, and so on.
4. Restrain yourself from speaking, because you wouldn't know what will come out of your mouth and you may regret what you say.
5. Move from the spot and calm down. It's better not to come into a room that triggers your anger. You can come in when you've already cooled down.

Thanks for reading. Hopefully it works.


  1. tips tu sama dengan ape yang saya dengar kat tv =) nway thanks sbb kgsi..marah ni berpunca dari syaitan..ambil wudhuk tu sangat berkesan..

  2. perkongsian yang bermanfaat.. akak seorang yang cepat marah.. masih sedang memperbaiki diri agar menjadi seorang yang penyabar..

    1. sama kak, saya pun cepat marah
      ini juga untuk mengingatkan diri sendiri


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