Thursday, December 26, 2013

Mengenang 9 Tahun Gempa dan Tsunami Aceh (26 Desember 2004)

Museum Tsunami, Aceh
Now that the tragedy has passed, all that left is memory to carry on (and some physical proofs that this beloved land has ever been in so much pain).

Seems like just yesterday I saw my two-story dormitory falling down to the ground. I was only fourteen. Long after that I kept saying to my self that was all a dream, and I would wake up someday losing nothing.

Well, that wasn't a dream. Tragedy happened but live must go on. It's been nine years since then and things has never been the same. However, I'm living a nice life now and am grateful for that. Alhamdulillah.

Sunday, December 26, 2004, earthquake followed by tsunami hit our beloved homeland, the catastrophe I'll never forget my entire life, insha Allah. I sincerely send Al Fatihah for all the victims, may Allah accept all of your good deeds and forgive the bad ones. Ameen.

Never once can I forget these pictures: 

Here are the links for poem and short story I made years ago, concerning this tragedy.
Poem: click here
Short story: click here

Let's all not forget this catastrophe has ever happened in our land.


  1. saya teringin nak pergi ke aceh ni tapi belum kesampaian

    1. kalau jadi pergi nanti hubungi khaira ya kak :)

  2. We willl never able to forget that day. 9 years or even 100 years later the history will be remain in our memories.

    1. Yup, there's no way we can ever forget it

  3. semoga kejadian itu tidak akan berulang lagi.. kak aiza teringin juga pergi ke acheh..

    1. Amin ya Allah... silakan pergi kak... nanti Khaira yg jd guide-nya :)


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