Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Shocking Cat

{Hasil pertama kelas Literature I (sebuah karya dengan ide dari lima kepala ) a chain story}

Yesterday, while I was taking a bath I saw a cat jumped off the ceiling and landed on the floor, in the bathroom. Shocked by the cat, I screamed loudly. And the cat, shocked by my scream, climbed on the wall then return onto the ceiling.

I was so angry with that shocking cat. I immediately put on the towel and ran outside the bathroom looking for the cat. Taking a broom I tried to find the cat. When I saw it, I threw the broom and it escaped quickly.

Looking at the watch I got another shock. “Oh my God… I will be late!” I hurried preparing all things then went to my campus. I didn’t want to come late because I was so interested in the subject. If I had missed it, I would have had a bad mood all day.

In the classroom, I rethought about the accident that happened to me in the morning. I daydreamed of it. In my imagination, I saw the cat run away outside the bathroom and I could catch it because I got the super power to run and catch. Unfortunately, in real life, my lecturer found me and…

Oh guys… can you imagine how mad my lecturer was? It wasn’t my day. She ordered me to get out of the class. Finally I missed the lesson. 

Yeah, that’s it. That’s how my hell day simply begun by the shocking damn cat! []

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  1. Assalam muallaikum
    Saya kurang paham semua dengan Baha inggris Mbak Khaira
    Tapi sedikit saya pahami isi artikel Mbak diatas, kayanya tuh
    Kucing gak tau pendidikan dan tata krama yah Mbak orang
    Lagi Mandi main nylonong saja hhh tapi kata orang Tua kucing
    Kadang sebuah Isyarat tapi ada juga itu hanya Mitos. salam sukses
    Saja Mbak Khaira semoga hari Esok kejadian serupa tak terulang salam *smile


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