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“To Kill A Mockingbird” by Harper Lee

This entry contains info about intrinsic elements of the said novel. I did it years ago as an assignment of English Literature Class in uni. So I think of posting it here to save some space on my laptop hard disk.
Characters and descriptions
  • Jean “Scout” Louise Finch, An infant girl with a high curiosity. Lives in an old neighborhood in Maycomb County
  • Jeremy “Jem” Atticus Finch, Scout’s elder brother.
  • Atticus Finch, A very kind lawyer of the county. Scout and Jem’s father.
  • John “Jack” Hale Finch, Atticus’s brother, a nice uncle for the children.
  • Alexandra Finch, Atticus’s sister.
  • Charles “Dill” Baker Harris, Scout and Jem’s friend who comes from Meridian, Mississippi.
  • Calpurnia, The cook of the Finch, a black woman.
  • Mr. Arthur “Boo” Radley, Finch’s neighbor that stays at home all day.
  • Ms. Maudie Atkinson, Finch’s neighbor who hates her home and loves her garden (especially her azaleas).
  • Ms. Stephanie Crawford, Finch’s neighbor who likes gossiping all people in the county.
  • Ms. Rachel Haverford, Finch’s neighbor, Dill’s aunt.
  • Mrs. Henry Lafayette Dubose, Finch’s neighbor, an old woman.
  • Mr. Avery, Finch’s neighbor.
  • Ms. Caroline Fisher, Scout’s teacher
  • Walter Cunningham, resident of Maycomb County
  • Walter Cunningham Junior, Scout’s classmate
  • Cecil Jacobs, Scout’s classmate
  • Burris Ewell, Scout’s classmate
  • Eula May, Leading telephone operator of the county.
  • Mr. Nathan Radley, Boo’s brother.
  • Tom Robinson, Atticus’s client, a black man who is accused of raping.
  • Helen Robinson, Tom’s wife.
  • Mr. John Taylor, The judge of Maycomb County.
  • Mr. Heck Tate, The sheriff of the county.
  • Robert “Bob” E. Lee Ewell, the
  • Mayella Ewell, Ewell’s daughter.
  • Mr. Horace Gilmer, Ewell’s lawyer.
  • Tim Johnson, The dog of Mr. Harry Johnson that shot by Atticus
  • Dr. Reynolds, the doctor of the County
  • Mr. Braxton Underwood, owner of The Maycomb Tribune
  • Mrs. Grace Meriwether, resident of the County.
  • Mrs. Crenshaw, the local seamstress.

The story takes place in Maycomb County, Alabama, USA. No time description available.

Backward and then forward: the writer told about the present condition at the beginning of story, and then continued with the sequences of events that lead to the present condition (she explained how the present condition could happen in the rest of the book).

The story is about…
The story is about a highly curious little girl named Jean Louise Finch (Scout) who lives with her father and brother in Maycomb County. Their life was as normal as other people, but everything changed when Atticus Finch, their father, was pointed to defend an innocent black man. The entire county began to mock him and his children of what their father did. When a good person is mocked of doing good things, it is as same as killing a mockingbird…


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