Saturday, February 15, 2014

When We Get Praised

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Assalamu’alaikum… How’s life these days?

Nah, nah, what’s with that title? :D It’s not like I frequently get praised or what, it’s just… I’m interested in how people react when someone compliments them ^_^. Some people –especially girls- will immediately blush and become flattered, some others will take time to think on how to respond.

So, when somebody says good thing about you, what will you say in return?
Let’s look at these conditions:

(1)  Somebody, “Hi Ra, you look so beautiful today!”
Ra, “….” (Put on a dumb face).

(2)   Somebody, “Hi Ra, you look so beautiful today!”
Ra, “Not really.”

(3)   Somebody, “Hi Ra, you look so beautiful today!”
Ra, “Are you kidding me?”

(4)   Somebody, “Hi Ra, you look so beautiful today!”
Ra, “What’s wrong with your eyes?”
OK, it’s getting weirder -_-

The thing is, we tend to deny the compliment we get (do you? Or is it just me?). When someone praises us, the first thing comes into our minds is whether they truly mean it or it’s merely a sweet talk. In the end, we end up saying those random replies.

Now let’s take notice on these:
(1)   Somebody, “Hi Ra, you look so beautiful today!”
Ra, “I’ll take that as a compliment so, thank you.”

(2)   Somebody, “Hi Ra, you look so beautiful today!”
Ra, “Thank you.” (Put on the sweetest smile)
The first one is fine. We can exchange these words with our friends or some close acquaintances. However, I’ll easily go with the last one. I mean, why bother about people’s intention when what they do is only saying a simple sentence? Even if I can’t see why they utter the praise or the reason beyond it, I’ll prefer giving them those two words. Really, saying a simple ‘thanks’ won’t hurt, right?

Ah, I guess I won’t do the same to any random strangers, though.

Well, that’s it. Thanks for reading! Please kindly tell me what you’ll say in response to a compliment ^_^.



  1. "Alhamdulillah He created me perfectly with eyes, nose, mouths, so do you.". Because I get really awkward too, it's not like it's our own effort that we look beautiful, right? Every beautiful things belong to Him anyway.. :D

    1. Maaf numpang comments disini Sobat @Rara Zack salam kenal sebelumnya
      Terima kasih yah Mbak Khaira atas Ruang dan waktu pada form komentar ini

    2. Yup, you're very right!
      Btw, thanks for dropping by :)

  2. Selamat malam Mbak Khaira, saya simak saja yah Mbak
    Dan saya hanya bisa bilang artikelnya bagus dan menarik
    Maaf jika comments saya tidak tepat dengan topik maklum
    Saya kurang paham dengan bahasa inggis, salam silaturrahmi :)

    1. Ga apa-apa Mas, terima kasih untuk tetap berkunjung. Salam silaturrahim ^^

  3. Khaira... Baca postingan Khaira jadi teringat kelas discourse analysis ^^

    1. waktu belajar discourse analysis ada istilah communicative competence (what to say to whom in the right time/condition)
      tugasnya di minta respon beberapa utterance utk situasi tertentu.. hehe

      oh.. anyway.. if somebody (lets say a friend) says good thing about me, Commonly, I say :"you too :D "

  4. Well..depend who praise you. If its someone i am close with, i would jokingly say;"i know :D" . Generally i dont feel comfortable with praising thing

    1. Me too... I'd just pay no heed at all to strangers :D

    2. hahhaa, paling awkward klo yg muji org baru dikenal..maak :D

  5. kalau akak le.. bila org ckp mcm tu akak akan jawab.. that means yesterday I tak cantik la.. sambil senyum senyum...

    kalau org yang tak kenal pas tu pestime pulak. akak ignore je. buat buat tak dengar.

    1. haha.. bisa ja akak ni... tapi Khaira pun begitu jika pada orang yang tak kenal


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