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What's with the title? 

Ah, yeah, I just wanna greet you from my new town: Salford, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom. I just think that, after 'throwing up' some rants about my pre-departure syndrome some days ago, it is unwise if I don't update my recent condition (even though I'm not sure if there's really anyone cares about it). So, here I am. Alive and kicking. Alhamdulillah. Yeay!

I've got a little flu since last night but I guess it's just my body trying to adapt to the chilly autumn weather. It's not even winter and I've already turned the heater into maximum heat. I obviously can't stand the cold.

Hmm... what else? Oh, I'll just tell you about my first day here, if you don't mind.

I departed from Banda Aceh at around 4 pm on Wednesday and arrived at Manchester Airport at around 4 pm on Thursday. The day was starting to get dark back then and we still had to get on train and looked for our booked accommodation, which happened to be a flat at Castle Irwell Student Village. Traveling by train was a big deal because we got on the wrong compartment where baggage was not allowed. However, we managed to push them all the way to the other side of compartment where there was space provided for wheelchairs and didn't get scolded :)

I and my friend, Ana, got down at Salford Crescent train station and began our 'long and winding' adventure of finding the place to live in. I told you it was Castle Irwell, but we had no idea where it was around the university. Just like lost tourists, we asked almost everybody we met on the street. Some gave us the correct direction, some other just as blind as we were. We decided to start walking down the University Road while dragging the super big baggage and carrying the fully-loaded backpacks in the silent evening. My baggage weighed around 28 kilos while the backpack was about 9 kilos, which means, I was carrying things with the same weight as my own body -or even more- back then.

After walking for a while, a taxi stopped in front of us. The driver came out, asking our destination and offered us a ride. He said that Castle Irwell was a great distant if we wanted to drag those heavy bags all the way, he just wanted to help, that's all.

That's said. We gave in to his info and got onto the taxi. The man asked if we're Malaysian or Indonesian, and told us that he's also a Moslem from Somali -which was also the reason of our gratefulness- aside from giving us a free ride on his taxi. Of course, we were curious about the fare as Poundsterling is the most expensive currency, but he just dropped us in front of the receptionist office, said 'salam alaykum', and drove off. We absolutely in debt to his kindness.

On the shortcut to the flat blocks
Okay, we were already at our destination but the journey didn't end there. After collecting keys, we were back to dragging our baggage to the flat which is about 500 metres from the main gate (you don't have to believe me about the distance as I'm really blind about measurement :P). Minutes later (it didn't take hours anymore as I guess we'd become expert in dragging heavy things) we arrived at the third block of flats. We looked at the blueprint given and... our flat's on the third floor! 

There's no lift. We had to climb up the stair. It really took a great strength to literally lift up those heavy bags. Upon hearing the door's open, two girls came to the hallway and greeted us. They're our flatmates from Germany: Vivian and Sarah. 

That's the story. I was so exhausted that day that I slept so soundly until I was woken up by a call from home in the next morning. I knew that's gonna be a good start for a new day. Oh no, I miss listening to their voice already!

Till next post!



  1. The photograph.Subhanallah. So green. Captivating..
    By the way. Your story about Taxi's driver is really touching ne. He applied Something that we called Ukhuwah.Since u are Musafir (Moslem). And he did such a marvelous Favor. :( Free the fare. Wish he Got something more more more more than just a fare. Anyway.who is Ana? is she from Aceh too?

    1. Yup, he was indeed a good man.
      It's Ana Fitria, a graduate from MOSA. Guess you know her?

    2. Oh God. Of course i know her. She was my class mate in MTSN 1 Model Banda Aceh... -_-

    3. So, we do have many friends in common, then? Hehe


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