Wednesday, December 10, 2014

On A Wooden Bench

(You may want to read Unusual Question to fully understand the story.)

One yellow maple leaf fell off its branch. It danced along the rhythm of the wind blowing and eventually landed on the green grass covering the land. The stem happened to drop right in front of a white sport shoe, as if it had grown out of the shoe.

The owner of the said shoe, Shota, a young man in his early twenties, sat himself down on a wooden bench just below the tree. He did not seem to notice the fallen leaf as he was staring at two kids playing catch ball in the other part of the park. The park itself was quite empty. Not many people wanted to spend time outdoor when the air got chillier in the beginning of autumn.

Shota zipped his jacket up as he felt the cold wind blew over his body. The day was getting dark and he had been sitting there for quite some time already.

“You won’t come, will you?”

Shota said to himself as he took a glimpse on his wristwatch for the ninth time in the last sixty minutes. It’s nearly an hour passed their promised time. But the one who invited him did not show any sign that she would be coming. She was never late before.

Literally never. In fact, they did not even have to arrange certain time to meet up back then.

Surely that was months ago, when things were right at their place. He could meet Yuki, the said girl, anytime he wanted. He could come to her house and had meal with her family. Likewise, she would just popped up at the front door of his house with the newest movies on screen in her list. They had been together for years, as best friends.

Until recently. Until he asked her one unusual question on a certain day just before the summer ended and it stirred their friendship upside down. Shota began to regret it when he finally realised that he had put them in an awkward situation. But it was just too late by then. It’s no use crying over the spilled milk, they said.

Shota was interrupted from his contemplation when he felt cold droplet on his right temple. He then looked at the sky and found it was no longer cloudy. It started to rain instead. The forecast was wrong. He would get soaked in no time as he did not have the umbrella with him. 

But, no matter what, the young man did not want to leave yet. He was all alone in the now empty park yet he did not feel a bit distracted. This situation, the cold wind, autumn sky, unwarned rain somehow felt very sadly right. The nature seemed to reflect what was going on his mind. The mess he had caused, the awkward atmosphere, and the supposed to be perfect friendship needed fixing and he was the one to do that.

That’s why, he could not leave just yet. Not when Yuki finally contacted him for a meeting. Not until his formerly best friend kept her promise which she had never broken before. Not even though he began to think that the girl might really not come at this point.

He would just wait. That’s the least he could do.

~ This mini story is more or less based on the song  by NEWS.
~ It's supposed to be the continuation of Unusual  Question but I don't know what I am writing. I don't know why it turns out like this.
~ Just in case anybody's interested in my fictional work, you can find some of them under the label Short Stories and Mini Stories.
~ SERIOUSLY, what am I doing at this dead of the night? I need to study and start preparing for the exam next Wednesday yet what I do instead. Well, somehow my mind and brain don't seem to co-operate so yeah.
~ Tell me what you think about it.


  1. say hi to all of my blogger friends

    1. This story is very impressive at all for me elder brother @Khaira hisan

  2. Assalamuallikum wr wb. Salam santun dan hormat buat Kak Khaira Hisan juga Sahabat blogging yang ada di sini. Maaf nih Kak saya baru berkunjung lagi disini. oh ya maaf juga saya tak paham bahasa artikel Kakak jika comments saya tak masuk topik maaf ya kak. ceritanya sangat mengesan kan salam buat Kak Shota nya ya Kak?

    1. Waalaikumsalam wr. wb. Hehe.. tak apa. Salam kembali kata si Shota, :D

    2. Mungkin Khaira bisa menuliskannya dalam dua bahasa dalam satu postingan, seperti yang dilakukan oleh Marischa Prudence di sini:
      agar jangkauan pembaca lebih luas. Maybe :D

    3. whehe... ide bagus kak. bisa diterapkan di post selanjutnya :)

      thank youu

  3. When I reached "the forecast was wrong", I already knew that the song had something to do with this story :v
    It's my favorite song after all :D

    any more continuation?

    1. well, that's the perfect hint, haha

      no idea, just wait and see


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