Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Little Update

Hello Everyone, it's been a long time! :D

So, here is a little update for those who care, haha.

I went back to my homeland, Aceh, on the 7th of January and didn't bring my laptop with me. That maybe explains why I didn't post anything. (Of course I could do it with the tablet or hand phone or my sisters' laptop but I just didn't. It's holiday, you know.) No particular reason for it. I just wanted to enjoy my winter break with the beloved family.

fresh from the tree
My parents were against me coming back at first, they said it was a waste of time and penny. However, who could resist this little girl's coming back? As I told them after booking my return tickets, haha, in the end, my father said, "Well, it's good having you back as we're harvesting the rambutans these days." 

So that how it was. I came back and stayed at home for the whole first week. My activities differed slightly in the second week as I went to the rambutan gardens, met some friends (new and old), attended my bestfriend's marriage, and so forth.

On the 25th of January I flew back to my current city and now I am writing this post from my usual desk. I plan to post a real post shortly after. Yet I don't know how short is that 'shortly after', haha.



  1. Maybe you can start it with the story of Rambutan, wkwkwk...

  2. Halo Mbak selamat datang kembali ke Kampung halamannya. Gimana rasanya musim dingin di stanford. hehehe


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