Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Buildings Closed due to Water Failure

I woke up this morning (09/02/2015) finding an email on my tablet informing that some buildings on main campus (Cockroft, Newton -including the Muslim prayer room, the Annexe-, Lady Hale, Clifford Whitworth, and Chapman) have been closed owing to some circumstance regarding water supply. The lectures situated in affected buildings were either relocated or cancelled and the staff working there were advised to find another building to work from or work from home. Aside from the buildings above, two residence halls have also been affected (Horlock Court and Constantine Court, fortunately not Castle Irwell). The students living there can collect bottled water from University House. It amazes me that the university takes care of the matter so seriously, proving how essential the water is for our life.

I remember when I was living in a boarding school, situation like this happened most of the time. Our teachers and staffs also worked very hard to solve the problem. Luckily we had a river flowing near the campus so it became the reserved water source, though the water wasn't always as crystal clear.

Indeed, living things aren't able to survive without this colourless liquid.

Source: www.salford.ac.uk/news


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