Monday, February 9, 2015

I Dreamt of You!

Got this message via BBM today:

I am usually the one who do that: telling people that I see them in my sleep. Whenever I dreamt of someone -particularly the ones I hadn't seen for quite some time and considerably close to me- I would text them in the morning. I don't remember all dreams I have every night, nobody does, I think, but I can remember very clearly the ones with special characters in them. When that happened, I would send them a message like, "Hi... I dreamt of you last night. I hope you're doing fine." It's just that simple.

Wouldn't it feel nice to receive such a message? Knowing that there's someone - perhaps your old friend- who remember you? That's what I think. That's why I sent the messages.

I know, some people will find that awkward, strange, or even annoying. However, seeing certain people in my sleep is a good reminder for me that I haven't been much in touch with them in real life, which is not a good thing. In order to make up to that, I sent text messages or greetings via social media. Things will get much better if we can arrange for a meeting. But if we cannot, at least they know that I remember them.

Yet, I never get the message back. Therefore receiving it from my bestie really made day. 

The same thing goes for finding a greeting text or chat on the hand phone upon waking up in the morning. Living in the other part of the world from my homeland means that when I am just about to go to sleep, most of my loved ones and friends have just begun their day. Sometimes I send random messages when it's midnight in Indonesia, so the receiver will see it in the morning (while hoping that I don't disturb the "victim's" rest time). I also like sending a greeting before I turn off my phone and go to bed. Again, I think it's very heartwarming to begin the day and find some greetings on the phone. It makes me feel that I'm not so alone. 

So, I guess that's it.


  1. Hii... :* i send u greeting from indonesia. it is midnight already in 15 minutes..


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