Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Snowy Sheffield

The Town Hall, I guess...
Hello there! It's my UK Trip post again, featuring Sheffield.

Back in December 2014, the Acehnese living in the UK held an annual gathering known as Duek Pakat (DP) Rangkang Nanggroe in Sheffield. The event was held on 27 and 28 of the month and hosted by Bang Eddy and Kak Elly, an Acehnese Ph.D couple living in the town. 

I and my friend took the supposedly an hour and half train from Manchester Piccadilly station to Sheffield Meadowhall interchange in the evening. It means we only got to attend half of the meeting. The previous day was Boxing day and the train didn't run (if I wasn't mistaken). So why didn't we take the morning train? The reason was simple, it's the cheapest train of the day, end of the discussion. The train got delayed due to the snow and stopped halfway owing to the bad signal caused by uncanny weather. At that time, it hadn't snowed much in Manchester (a light snow fell the night before but it immediately turned to sleet) so I was excited to see the white ice along the way. In fact, I was so overly excited that I left my gloves on the train when I got off, just realised my clumsiness when I need them to cover my shivering hands but it was too late.

Okay, aside from the lost gloves we were all good. However, the adventurous journey had just begun. Having had no idea where the house was, we put our fate to the help of Google Maps. It was a dark, chilly evening and here were two girls walking down the road. Who know what's gonna happen? Long story made short, we arrived safely at the destination after roaming the area with several stopped-and-looked-at-the-map activities. The crowds were holding a stand meeting then, yet we, as newcomers, were allowed to have dinner after introducing ourselves. Alhamdulillah, I was really hungry back then and it's so good to have kuah beulangong and sambal udang!

The following day we wandered off to the town but again, were stopped halfway by the view of the snow. I took considerable pictures before we even reached the tram stop!

My first ever snow experience. I really wanted to pour Sirop Cap Patong on it.
The city centre was a bit too empty due to the holiday term, I reckoned, but I couldn't care less. I just needed several postcards of each city I visit so there I was, looking for some stationary shops. Luckily I found one and helped myself with the beautiful pics of the city. For this time here are several pics I took:

Always love the architecture...
Does it look like ice cream?
Waiting for the tram
One fine winter sky
Since we got out at noon, soon we needed to go back as the day got darker. Most of the participants went home that afternoon but I and my friend, having no plan for holiday, stayed there another night and went to Edensor the following day.

Well then, see ya next post! 


  1. wow. great picture. i always love UK. the old ancient unique buildings fascinate me. :o. but i think i wouldnt love the weather. i love seeing snow but i do not like cold temperature. btw can wait to hear the story abt Edensor..

    1. Same here, not so good in cold weather too... haha, thanks for the wait

  2. teringinnyaaaaa nak tengok salji sebenar di hadapan mata


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