Sunday, May 3, 2015

Anybody's Missing Me?

So, here I'm back again. Not really sure anyone has visited this blog ever since my last post but yeah, why should people come when nothing's offered?

No post for the previous month, eh?
I was so busy with my life -well, maybe not- that when I came back to reality a month has passed without me posting anything on this blog. I did intend to at least post one single entry each month -like I did in March, deliberately- but somehow I didn't manage to do it. 

Let's see, what I've been doing the last several weeks: I got three weeks break for Easter, went to a short vacation and had to hand in my research project on 24th. Then the class resumed and things just back to normal.

Not that I don't know what to write. I have a list containing mixed topic with the most obvious one is UKtrip. Sometimes I just hold myself back. How to put it, I don't want people to read me like an open book. This particular idea just come to me at times that I want to be a little bit mysterious, like the certain someone I know. It seems fun, to be able to enjoy yourself without being distracted by the virtual world.

But then again, I'm not gonna neglect this blog for the whole year. Will come back with a real post hopefully as soon as possible. Thank you for reading through this. I really appreciate that :)

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