Friday, July 3, 2015

The Then-White Greenfield

Since it's summer already, I want to share some pictures back from the snowy days. Hopefully seeing these whitey ice can help cool the hot days :D

Way back in February the first, my flatmates (Ana, Alessia, and Viviane) and I who were crazy about the snow went hiking to Greenfield hills, a village in Oldham, Greater Manchester. We took the train from Salford Crescent, transferred at Victoria Station toward Greenfield. The snow made its way to our county on January 29, so what's left for us to enjoy then was hardened, slippery ice on the road but somewhat softer over the hills. 

The last time I went hiking was in 2010. Therefore I was quite excited to experience it again in a completely different state. There were public footpaths to the hill range. We took the steps from the nearest one. Viviane, the German girl whose hobby included outdoor adventure led the way.

We passed this figures on the way:
The snow couple seemed to held their wedding then
Once we got to the fluffy snow bed the four of us immediately did what we wanted to, from simply lying on the back to rolling down the hill! Getting bored in one field we climbed on and on. However, the higher we climbed, the chillier the air. To avoid getting frostbitten, we decided to climb down when one of us began unable to feel her feet (or fingers/toes?). 

It was one special moment for me as I was able to experience performing Shalat on the white field, beneath the vast blue sky and took wudhu with the freezing ice of the snowflakes.

I'm not good in cold weather yet I can surely say I love snow, especially watching the flakes fall from the high sky (but not blizzard, of course :) ).
I took the photograph of Viviane taking photograph of Ana and Alessia :D
Ran into some sliding kids on the way back
Waiting for the train. Time to go home.
Okay, I feel refreshed now :D


  1. Keren Mbak yah, gak kedinginan apa ngambil wudhunya.
    Mana foto-foto Main Ski nya Mbak.

  2. Paling suka sama boneka salju yang mau nikah itu :P


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