Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A Simple Happiness

Ever heard of a saying stating that women like to be thought as younger than they actually are? I think I've just personally proven that saying is accepted, for -nth times already.

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It's funny how brains work. No, I'm not going to talk about some heavy topics regarding our gray matters. I'm of no qualification for that. It's just one simple thing happening to me this morning got me thinking that the way we perceive things affects the state of our feelings. Specifically, in my case, how I choose to interpret things will relate to how I feel about that thing.

Okay, cut to the chase.

I went to a bank this morning after collecting my earnings from the workplace. My intention was no other than to deposit that amount into my account, thus preventing me from spending it all at once. The guard opening the door addressed me as 'Dek' which amused me as I have ever been called 'Bu' (which might be explained by the way I dressed that time, all formal in suit for school/university). When I came to the counter, the teller asked whether I wanted to pay for UM PTKIN registration fee. It is a kind of universities' admission test for students graduating from high schools. This was where my reasoning applied. I chose to interpret that her asking me the question was because she thought I could pass as a high school fresh graduate (which I was eight years ago) and that simple question made my day.

It reminds me of a time when I was in the UK and about to board a bus. I asked the driver for a day ticket and the driver -who could pass as my grandpa- clarified if I wanted a child day rider. Then again one of my colleagues in BHF Salford asked me my age, and literally surprised when I told her I was about to celebrate my quarter of a century (she thought I was still a teenager -couldn't pass sixteen, she said-) and was doing my master instead of first degree.

So, that's it. One simple thing that boosts my mood today and encourages me to write a few words in this almost-neglected blog.

Stay happy, everyone! 


  1. Jadi maunya dipanggil Dek atau Ibu ni? Hehe... Kadang-kadang lia lebih suka dipanggil Bu, lho. Berarti yang manggil profesional gitu, apalagi kalau urusannya urusan kerjaan. Kalau dia manggil Dek kok kayanya g sopan banget :P

    1. Depend on situation sih, Li! haha. Kadang2 kesal juga dipanggil bu, tp kalo lg pake suit ya emang cocokknya bu kan. Selamat puasa! :D


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