Thursday, June 9, 2016

My Kind of Ramadhan Break

The first three days of this Ramadhan I was free of academic activities. This break I made myself useful by going to pull out the rice seedlings to be transplated into the whole field.

That's said, I've regained my long-lost experience a day ago, which is working in the paddy field! :) I call it long lost because it's been ages since the last time I played in the muddy floor of the newly ploughed field during planting season. I recall it was about fifteen years ago (?) when I was still in primary school that I used to tag along my relatives when they were working in the field during planting and harvesting.

In any way, the greenery decorated by bugs are just so captivating. Just look at how fresh these dew-washed grass-like leaves are!

The first day was not so hard as the sun kept hiding beneath the cloudy sky. However, on the second day it was burning as the sole ruler of the blue sky, leaving us baked to the flesh. Yet a good company did make difficult things easier, just like yesterday. The addition of two cousins helped us finish off on time so we can head home by the time Azan called. It was undoubtedly a very good alternative to spend some time. 


  1. eh kereeenn... bisa nanam di sawah - yg gak tahan cuma panasnya ya :D

    1. Iya kak, seru main-main ke sawah sesekali 😊


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